Today I discuss the importance of not relying totally on social media as your primary source of traffic to your business website.

Recent news has shown that some sites are experiencing a drop in traffic due to new restrictions by Facebook.

Elite Daily, Upworthy and Huffington Post are among the sites experiencing up to 40 percent drop because they changed the way content is displayed on Facebook. This can be a problem when you are relying on only one source for your social media presence.

Think of your website as the mothership. The other social media outlets are the satellites spinning around it, namely Twitter, Google Plus,Tumblr and Facebook. I recommend you don’t put more time and effort into maintaining your presence on the satellites than you do for your mothership. It’s too much of a risk to become dependant on the traffic from a third party social media website.

It’s much safer to stick to adding quality unique content to your mothership first, as this is how you increase the visibility of your website, more so than aimlessly adding to the satellites. If you are stuck for content consider the top 100 questions your customers regularly ask you, and then answer each question as a page on your site.

When you put all your eggs into one social media space basket, you are at the mercy of the person who owns the platform like Facebook. Keep your website as the main online presence that you have, and don’t let others control your web presence and ultimately traffic.

Photo Credit: NASA’s Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center